Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Results of Fused Collage Kit

Susan has created an attic window variation for her composition of a mother and child. She has fused hand-dyed cheesecloth and the cut out picture to a hand-painted background. Individual flower motifs are added for interest. The one in the foreground has been fused to felted wool and placed over the tulle which covers the entire piece.

Sue used her picture in its entirety and placed it over her other elements: hand-painted background, hand-dyed cheesecloth, and Angelina. A layer of tulle covers the entire piece which is machine quilted and hand-embroidered. A silk flower and bead have been added as embellishments.

Sue Anne used her picture on the background in the upper right corner. To enlarge the image area, she fused snippets of fabric to match the picture and thread and silk ribbon to cover the bottom. An Angelina cloud masks the left hand seam. She then bordered the piece on two sides with printed fabric and beads.

Jamie used a piece of fabric that had been screen printed with turnips, leaves, and diagonal shapes as her background. The hand-dyed cheesecloth is laid over the Misty Fuse, with the other elements placed on top. The leaves were cut from several silk philodendron leaves and thread painted before Misty Fuse and black tulle were laid over the entire piece. Minimal machine quilting has been added.

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