Sunday, December 21, 2008

Angelina Results

Sue Anne used Angelina fiber and film to make a variety of Christmas balls.

Jamie pressed loose Angelina fibers into a large shape and cut it into a circle which has been sewn to the background of this quilt.

Jamie combined Angelina fibers and film to create a color block in this quilt collage and the one following.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Weaving Results

Jamie wove this piece with a heavy jute macrame yarn, adding in fabric strips and yarns. The small weaving that is placed in the center of the piece is from another project. Strips were cut and woven together over fusible interfacing and then attached to the jute weave. The background is cotton which has been quilted.

This small piece was woven with fabric strips that were fused to the background and quilted.

Sue painted the leaf on a used dryer sheet before weaving a shape that frames it. The finished weaving has been sewed onto the background before the entire piece was quilted.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Results of the Lutradur Lesson

Susan used her printer to make an inkject image onto cotton of Rosie the Rivetor and printed the caption onto Lutradur. The narrow blue strips next to the picture are painted Lutradur.

Jamie used the Lutrdur as the background for the copy of the DeGrazia painting. The picture was colored with watercolor crayons.

Sue Anne colored the Lutradur and heated it into light curves to resemble rose petals and then put them together to form the flower.

This photo shows a closeup of Sue Anne's rose.

Sue used acrylic paints to color the Lutradur pears. Sue used a heat gun to give them a lacy appearance.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Results of the Sheer Sensation Lesson

Sue's piece uses silk leaves from an arrangement in her sewing room! She used fluorescent green and orange thread to quilt the leaves and the background.

Jamie used several different colored organza overlays together in one quilt. The ribbon hides the line where the blocks meet on the batting and backing.

For this quilt, Jamie used the contents of the kit. The background with the flowers is heavily quilted. This little quilt was then "buttoned" to the gridded background quilt after it was quilted.

Sue Anne placed the silk flowers on a background of In Good Company's handdyed fabrics. The quilt has a yarn binding.

Susan's autumn piece uses the fall colors of leaves which were placed underneath the organza. She "fused" the two colors of organza with a textile tool so there were no raw edges.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Results of the Bleach Discharging Kit

Sue made two postcard fronts with bleach. She "painted" an In Good Company hand-dyed cotton with a very small brush and stylus using straight bleach and a bleach pen.

Jamie experimented with different bleach applications on black fabric and incorporated the "new" fabric into this quilt. The top and bottom borders were drawn with a foam brush dipped in bleach.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Results from Shaving Cream Marbling

Sue Anne "fussy cut" her marbled fabric to make leaves. Related marbled fabric was used in the piecing around the inkjet photo print on the right.

Sue cut her marbled fabric into strips and pieced this small quilt.

Susan cut and pieced the background of marbled fabric and appliqued the pink flowers over the top.

Jamie pieced several marbled fabrics together with a commercial fabric to blend them all together. It was quilted with the seed stitch and embellished with beads.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Results of the Inkjet printing lesson

Jamie used Photoshop Elements to change one picture. The resulting photos were pieced as panels to create a small, folding screen.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Results of the melting lesson.

Sue Anne melted away the circles in a piece of polyester fabric to reveal the hand-dyed fabric behind it. She finished with straight lines of quilting. Sue Anne used a base of fabric paper for her lilac. The organza leaves and flowers were added over the painted motifs after cutting the shapes with her textile tool.
Susan fashioned a stained glass window by melting many layers of felt and organza and polyester and layering it over the green organza. The frame is made by fusing fancy fabrics to a timtex base and couching black perle cotton over the raw edges. The center is suspended within the frame with beads.
Jamie layed a piece of white organza over this quilt top, topstitched around the shapes, and removed the organza by melting along the inside edge with a textile tool. Jamie layered several colors of organza over a piece of woven fusible interfacing. The textile tool was used to fuse the layers together. It was stitched, quilted and beaded before being folded into a small clutch purse.
Sue pieced several pieces of hand-dyed fabric with a batik and overlayed it with a piece of organza. After quilting with many different motifs, she melted away the organza. In some areas she took out the organza from the background and in others, she removed the inside of the motif.
Sue stitched this piece with several decorative threads. She used an old chiffon scarf over the leaf motif, stitched a double line of stitching and melted the outside and the inside, leaving a thin line of blue inside the leaf.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Results of the Needle Felting Lesson

Sue used wet felting and needle felting to create this landscape.

Sue Anne created a reverse appliqued needle felted stylized piece.

Jamie used both wet felting and needle felting for the abstract center of her piece.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Results of the Image Transfer Lesson

Sue Anne transfered copies of old pattern fronts.

Jamie transfered a b/w photocopy and used watercolor pencils to color it.

Sue transfered color copies of old doors.
Sue transferred catalog images.