Thursday, December 22, 2011

Results of Cord Dyeing

Jamie's center fabric was dyed by pulling up the center of a square of white fabric and wrapping it from that center point to the edge with four cords. Starting in the center, a yellow cord was wrapped around the outside of the fabric. An orange cord overlapped the yellow, red overlapped the orange, and finally black overlapped the red. The cords were held in place with thread. When the fabric was dried and pressed, she cut out the irregular circle after applying a fusible web. The "flower" was adhered to the background and she satin stitched the veins and the outside edge. Once layered over batting and backing, the piece was thread painted and the background was tightly quilted.

Susan over dyed a hand dyed piece of cotton with several cords: yellow and red. Once dyed, dried and pressed, she cut her fabric into strips and incorporated it into her random cut blocks. The strips are a combination of commercial, hand dyed and soy wax batiked cottons. She embellished with buttons and beads.