Thursday, December 17, 2009

Painted fusible web results:

Sue Anne's piece uses many different layers and materials. She started with a rejected sunprint which she painted. On it she layered the velvet squares and rectangles. Several have been embossed, others covered with decorative thread. A piece of fusible web was painted and then fused over the entire top. Before the web cooled, she pulled it off, leaving pieces adhering unevenly. A small amount of foil was fused to the web. Finally a piece of an old chiffon scarf was laid over the previous layers. With a heat gun, she melt away portions of the scarf, leaving a multi-dimensional piece that is very interesting. You see something new each time you look at it.

Jamie's lemons were a perfect fit for painted fusible web. The lemon slices are a white on white fabric fused with a yellow Pearl Ex powder-colored Misty Fuse, giving the slice a translucent feel. The rinds are painted fusible over the wrong side of a yellow fabric.

Susan painted Wonder Under a silver color and when it had dried, removed the paper backing and tore it into strips. These strips were fused to a painted canvas background, giving the illusion of a plaid fabric. The other design elements are sewn over the colored background.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Covered Cording Results

Jamie used fabric strips, twisted and zigzagged, to form the stems on her kohlrabi. The cords are attached to the bulb and caught in the border seam and so give a dimensional texture to the quilt.

Susan has combined a past project into this one featuring ribbon cords. The smaller quilt in the foreground was made for her shibori project. She knew that it wasn't finished yet and this larger piece was just the right combination. Decorative ribbon is crotcheted and couched on the left side, alternated with the same ribbon strung with beads at regular intervals. The beaded ribbon has been also added to the diagonal strips in the smaller quilt. The gold circles are painted washers surrounded with beads, a design element that repeats the print in the background fabric.

Sue's small piece takes its inspiration from a tree in her backyard. The tree trunk is beaded cording to look like a birch tree. The leaves are a dyed pellon product that she has handstitched to the background. Detailing has been provided by machine stitching. A closeup of the beaded cording is shown below.

Sue Anne has transformed a curtain fabric into a most colorful background. The original circle fabric did not have blue circles. She used blue glue gel to edge a gray circle in order to paint it with blue dynaflow. A beaded cord rests on a silk hanky which was machine felted to a piece of hand-dyed wool. She has embellished the piece with emboidery floss, letters, painted leaves, and beads. A closeup of her beaded cording follows below.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Silk Paper Results

Susan used her silk paper as an abstract background over a fabric woven quilt. It is layered over hand dyed felted wool with black tulle. Susan sewed a variety of beaded elements to add interest to the surface.
Sue created her silk paper with leaves in mind, incorporating many different types of texture into the paper. She then cut out the leaves and appliqued them to her pieced background. The shadows behind the leaves are painted dryer sheets. Thread embroidery adds texture and highlights to the branch.

Sue Anne's silk paper has been used to add texture and shape to her journal cover. She has embellished the silk paper with beads and painted paper squares finished with charms.

Jamie's silk paper sheet has been hand-stitched to a quilted background with the jalapeno pepper appliqued on top. Sequins glued in the corners add sparkle.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Texted Collage Results

Sue used old sheet music, musical notes, and writing in and around her happy flowers to create this collage. The background was dyed and texted. The flower edges were painted with Dyn-a-flo, and she carved her musical note stamps. The musical staffs in the background were free-motioned quilted.

Sue Anne painted the canvas behind the spool of thread with dye, wrote a thesis on thread and decoupaged tissue paper over the top. The "wooden" spool is used shopping bags with the top oval covered with an old pattern tissue. Once the spool was appliqued to the background, she thread painted the flower. The canvas is stitched to a piece of dyed cotton batting. The piece has been embellished with buttons and a card of floss.

Jamie's quilt is a collage relating to Iceberg lettuce. The text is a description of iceberg lettuce and the collage includes magazine cutouts as well as printed Extravorganza, all of which have been decoupaged with diluted Elmer's glue. The entire quilt was machine quilted. The half head of lettuce is a photo printed on inkjet cotton and appliqued to the top.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blue Glue Batik Results

Jamie used the blue glue to outline the leaves of the huckleberry branch. She started with the rust fabric and once the glue dried, she applied a wash of green paint from the branch outward. She then painted the leaves specifically with a brighter green paint. When the glue was washed out and the piece dry, she thread painted the leaves and branch. The huckleberries are fused fabric.

Sue Anne's batik is the background harlequin print over which she stamped, glued and stitched. The blue glue was used to separate the diamonds and up close, one can see the white fabric between the two colors of paint.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Block Results

Jamie carved the eraser into an asterisk in order to define the garlic blossom which is represented by the blue squares along the two sides. The motif was colored with the blue fabric marker and stamped onto a machine quilted circle. The center was sun printed with Setacolor and the entire garlic plant.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Circle Theme Results

Jamie used the circle theme to try a pointillist type painting. The acrylic paint has been applied in small circles only. Each fig was painted separately and appliqued to a background. The background then was quilted in small circles.

Sue's Circle piece used a variety of circle shapes: the flower itself, beads, circle fabrics. The flowers are painted with Dynaflow over a textured surface.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Glitter Results

In Jamie's series of fruit and vegetables, she used the eggplant as the basis for this lesson with glitter and it is entitled "Eggplant Belagio". The glitter pen was used to add sparkles to the body of the eggplant; the art glitter and glue were used to add the highlight of white down the center and an edge of black along one side of the eggplant. The Fashion Beadz were used as the footlights along the edge of the stage. The curtain fabric has been pleated along the top for a dimensional touch.

Sue Anne has created two companion pillows. She used the glitter to highlight the flower petals and the Fashion Beadz to outline the center circle. The pillows will give her couch a bright spring time feel!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Starch Crackle Results

Susan quilted her small piece using the lines and circles as guides. The circles were imprinted by laying a sink protector into the wet flour paste and removing before the paste dried. Once crackled and painted, the circles become apparent.

Sue Anne used a potato masher to create the multiple grids in her crackled fabric. She then incorporated the "new" fabric into her piece.

Jamie's gridded piece started with the elephant batik as the center. Her black and white crackled fabric is used as accompaniment.

In Jamie's second piece, the crackled fabric is pieced into the daikon radishes to create shadows along the sides of the vegetable.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Air Dry Clay Results

Sue used the air dry clay to form two embellishments. She used a mold to form a sun and a molding mat to impress a rectangle of spirals. Both are painted gold and antiqued. It is mounted onto a composition with a musical theme.

Sue Anne has made a collage from her collection of bright fabrics. The air dry clay is used in the hearts at the top of the piece. She imprinted a rolled sheet of clay with a stamp, cut them with a heart cutter, painted them with acrylic paint and "rub n'buffed" them with gold. They are glued to the piece.

Jamie created a Corn Queen and used the air dry clay for the face. A sun mold made the face and once it was dried, it was painted with yellow acrylic. A purple paintstik was brushed on and wiped off to highlight the features. It was glued on and surrounded by beads.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Fabric Texture Results

Sue used three different fabric textures from last month's Tart kit: The foreground was stitched to the diaper flannel and washed in hot water to shrink it to get the puckers in the field. The fence posts were cut from fabric that had been twisted and pleated and dried in a nylon stocking. And the mountains were "scrunched" onto fusible interfacing before being cut into their shapes.

Jamie's piece used the bubbling. She pushed cotton through the hardware cloth openings to create the blueberries in the basket in front of her granddaughter, Jillian, who absolutely loves blueberries! Jillian's photo has been printed on inkjet cotton after editing in Photoshop Elements.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

MagicStamp Results

Susan used the rubber stripping to create her own stamp with a tree design. She added small circles for ornaments and several stars. The background behind the trees is beaded heavily.

Sue Anne has created a piece entitled "Instant Ancestors" - they're not hers! She has combined old napkins and the ink jet printed photos with her stamped fabric. She used an old piece of lace to imprint the design into the mold and then stamped with pink paint onto setacolored fabric.

Jamie used half of an apple to mold the stamp for the accents to this large apple applique which was painted in a class with Velda Newman.