Thursday, December 17, 2009

Painted fusible web results:

Sue Anne's piece uses many different layers and materials. She started with a rejected sunprint which she painted. On it she layered the velvet squares and rectangles. Several have been embossed, others covered with decorative thread. A piece of fusible web was painted and then fused over the entire top. Before the web cooled, she pulled it off, leaving pieces adhering unevenly. A small amount of foil was fused to the web. Finally a piece of an old chiffon scarf was laid over the previous layers. With a heat gun, she melt away portions of the scarf, leaving a multi-dimensional piece that is very interesting. You see something new each time you look at it.

Jamie's lemons were a perfect fit for painted fusible web. The lemon slices are a white on white fabric fused with a yellow Pearl Ex powder-colored Misty Fuse, giving the slice a translucent feel. The rinds are painted fusible over the wrong side of a yellow fabric.

Susan painted Wonder Under a silver color and when it had dried, removed the paper backing and tore it into strips. These strips were fused to a painted canvas background, giving the illusion of a plaid fabric. The other design elements are sewn over the colored background.

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JudyE said...

Beautiful work, once again this month. I'm looking forward to the annual show in February and what surprises you all will share with us. Once again, I plan to receive the award for "Traveling the farthest distance" to behold the Good Company treasures!