Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Results of Bedazzling Beads

Susan added her beads as an icicle embellishment to her snowflake scene. After piecing the background, she used a Cedar Canyon stencil and a silver Paintstik to add snowflakes to lower part of the piece and the upper right corner. The sky area is covered with an embroidered organza that she embellished with silver thread by machine. The white snowflakes were made by her mother though Susan added glitter and a few glass beads. Her silver icicles in the upper left corner were made with netting and organza and melted. In the photo you don't see the last snowflake which hangs below the quilted piece.

Sue has altered gold netting for her little piece. The background squares behind the beads are red netting that she painted and embossed with gold powder, giving them a metallic look. The same red netting has been rolled and melted to make the beads. She also used red organza to make additional beads, which have been coordinated with glass beads for the background texture.

Sue Anne created a grid of squares, text, and beads over a hand-painted background to make a quilt describing marriage. She has used lutradure and Tyvek to make the narrow beads and Kunin felt for the larger ones. All have been embossed with gold or copper embossing powder. Many of the beads have been embellished with small commercial beads. The text was taken from an old book and adhered with matte gel medium. The quilting was done as the last step.

Jamie's quilt is the "M" in her series of Fruits and Vegetables; although Morel Mushrooms are neither, nor did she use beads! Instead of rolling the Kunin felt and organza, she sewed these fabrics to a background of black felt in a random pattern. She then melted the felt and organza between the stitching to give the illusion of depth. The mushrooms were attached once the background was quilted.

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