Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Air Dry Clay Results

Sue used the air dry clay to form two embellishments. She used a mold to form a sun and a molding mat to impress a rectangle of spirals. Both are painted gold and antiqued. It is mounted onto a composition with a musical theme.

Sue Anne has made a collage from her collection of bright fabrics. The air dry clay is used in the hearts at the top of the piece. She imprinted a rolled sheet of clay with a stamp, cut them with a heart cutter, painted them with acrylic paint and "rub n'buffed" them with gold. They are glued to the piece.

Jamie created a Corn Queen and used the air dry clay for the face. A sun mold made the face and once it was dried, it was painted with yellow acrylic. A purple paintstik was brushed on and wiped off to highlight the features. It was glued on and surrounded by beads.

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