Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Texted Collage Results

Sue used old sheet music, musical notes, and writing in and around her happy flowers to create this collage. The background was dyed and texted. The flower edges were painted with Dyn-a-flo, and she carved her musical note stamps. The musical staffs in the background were free-motioned quilted.

Sue Anne painted the canvas behind the spool of thread with dye, wrote a thesis on thread and decoupaged tissue paper over the top. The "wooden" spool is used shopping bags with the top oval covered with an old pattern tissue. Once the spool was appliqued to the background, she thread painted the flower. The canvas is stitched to a piece of dyed cotton batting. The piece has been embellished with buttons and a card of floss.

Jamie's quilt is a collage relating to Iceberg lettuce. The text is a description of iceberg lettuce and the collage includes magazine cutouts as well as printed Extravorganza, all of which have been decoupaged with diluted Elmer's glue. The entire quilt was machine quilted. The half head of lettuce is a photo printed on inkjet cotton and appliqued to the top.

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