Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stacked Silk Results

Jamie used the four different silks in this piece call "Illuminated Snowpeas". The center is the painted raw silk which was stitched by machine and then shaded with watercolor crayons. The other silks form the patchwork around the perimeter of the piece.  A seed stitch has been added in the areas between the snowpeas to provide the quilting.

Sue Anne has used the raw silk piece for the background of her quilt. In order to subdue the bright colors of her original plaid, she over-dyed the silk with a light version of the orange Dyn-a-Flow. It is now a more muted and subtle background. The silk used for the side panel and the flower petals is an hand-dyed charmeuse silk.

Sue cut her stacked and painted silk into strips for the wall that her frog is climbing. The piece is embellished with beads.

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