Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Results of Sun Printing with a Grid

Sue Anne used her orange fencing sun print as the center of her composition. She then embellished the quilt with applique, an old house number,ovals cut from the Folger's metal foil seal, and beads.

Sue must have had the most fun of all! Her three distinctly different designs used a sun printed background that was integrated into each composition.

Jamie's gridded composition uses the ugli fruit as its center motif. The background blue was sun printed with a diagonally gridded screen with the center block cut away. Laying a foam sheet cut-out of the ugli in the center while the fabric dried left its sillouhette almost white. The fruit was then sponged with watercolor paints.

Susan experimented with sun printing organza. While there isn't a great deal of contrast left by the squares on the organza, there is enough to add interest and pattern to her composition. Her addition of resin beads and a layered focal point complement the sillouhetted squares.

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