Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Results of Embossing Bamboo Batting

Sue Anne used her embossed batting to make appliques for this bright and springy piece. The batting was embossed before she colored it. After cutting out the shapes, she painted the edges to eliminate the uncolored batting. The background uses raw-edge applique, quilting and stamping to add layers of interest. Sue Anne used a number of embroidery stitches and beading to attach her appliques.

Jamie's piece is a combination of textures:  pieced and quilted background, embossed and painted batting, thread painted olives and leaves, and smooth wallpaper bottles. The bamboo batting was embossed lightly and misted with several colors of paint.

Sue's batting was embossed purposely with a tree shape. She built her texture plate using old silk flower stems and cording. The background around the trees was painted with a golden brown paint and set into the blue background. Believe it or not, the tree looks like it was made to fit the background branches, but wasn't! The beading represents leaves and bluebirds.

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